Here at the Warner Law Firm, we understand that handling a personal injury claim can be physical and emotionally stressful as well as time consuming not only for you, but also for your loved ones. This is why we handle every case given to us close to the chest to avoid mistakes that can potentially damage the case.

Below are some of the most common mistakes people make when making a personal injury claim.

Lack of Documentation

For any kind of personal injury claim, we cannot stress this enough: there is never too much documentation. Keep and organize medical records, receipts, notes or certifications from professionals, bills, and photos related to the incident. Also, keep track of dates and time stamps so you won’t have to worry about missing information or inconsistencies as the case progresses.

Forgetting About Witnesses

Leaving the scene of the crime immediately is a normal reaction, especially if the person sustained serious injuries and needs to be treated immediately. However, there needs to be testaments of people around the scene of the accident. If possible, you or the person you’re with need to gather witnesses’ names and contact information.

Not Talking to the Authorities

There is no way of getting around this. Immediately call the police after the incident happened. You need the police to formally start an investigation, gather official records and evidence, prove your diligence to take action, and assist you in case you are badly injured.

Giving Out Statements & Signing Releases Without Legal Counsel

Do not do anything rash or make any decision without consulting your lawyer first. While it can be tempting to take matters in your own hands, don’t. Worst case scenarios include compromising your rights and saying the wrong things that might indicate that you are also at fault in the injury.

No Expert Medical Advice

Have doctors and other medical professionals give their statements regarding your injury. Don’t base your injuries on assumptions. Have your injuries get checked up and properly examined by professionals.

Not Fully Divulging Information to the Lawyer

Have you seen “Legally Blonde?” Well, the movie might not be as grave looking as the case you might face, but the moral there is important: tell you lawyer everything.

Settling Quickly

After the accident occurred, you can expect insurance companies attempting to settle your case in order to avoid further hassle in terms of time and money. We are not telling you not to settle. We are telling you not to settle immediately without knowing your rights, taking a good look at your case, and having a lawyer behind your back.

Learn more about your rights and how you can have your rightful compensation by calling us and scheduling a free consultation with Mike Warner of the Warner Law Firm in Amarillo Texas. Thank you.