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Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer for Your Child Custody Case

Going through a child custody case can be stressful for both of the parents involved. It can be hard especially if there is animosity between them. We at the Warner Law Firm always tell our clients in the Amarillo, TX […]

Tips on Helping Your Kids Deal with Divorce

Thousands of kids undergo the stress of divorce of their parents each year. It’s expected that their initial reaction would be of shock, anger, frustration, or worry. We at the Warner Law Firm tell our clients in the Amarillo, TX […]

Divorce vs Annulment in Texas: Know the Difference

Both divorce and annulment have the same effect, and that is to dissolve a marriage. Yet, we at the Warner Law Firm always tell our clients in the Amarillo, TX area that there are still distinct differences that need to […]

Sexual Harassment vs Sexual Assault: Know the Difference of the Two Sex Crimes

Sex crimes are prevalent now as they were before. Most cases related to sexual abuse, harassment, and assault continue to be swept under the rug not only because of intimidation or use of force or power. Sex crimes are incredibly […]

Does Misdemeanor Permanently Appear on Your Permanent Record?

We at The Warner Law Firm regularly face criminal charges whether for the prosecution or defense, regardless of the variety. Although a misdemeanor, especially a Class C, might seem like a slap on the wrist compared to a high profile […]

Most Common Illegal Drugs in Texas

Drug addiction is a problem faced by countries around the world, and it’s sad to say that the State of Texas is no exception. People who are hooked on illegal substances have their lives ground to a halt, unable to […]

Robbery vs Theft vs Burglary vs Larceny: Know the Difference

Here at The Warner Law Firm, we are often asked by our clients in the Amarillo and Panhandle, TX area about the difference between theft, larceny, robbery, and burglary. Although all of these terms involve unlawful taking of someone else’s […]

7 Deadly Mistakes to Avoid when Making a Personal Injury Claim

Here at the Warner Law Firm, we understand that handling a personal injury claim can be physical and emotionally stressful as well as time consuming not only for you, but also for your loved ones. This is why we handle […]

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8 Snappy Tips in Finding the Right Personal Injury Lawyer for your Case

Filing a personal injury case is always a serious matter for you and your loved ones. This is why you only deserve the right lawyer for the job. If you are currently in search for the right firm or person […]

Drunk Driving and Personal Injury: What You Need to Know

Despite the harsher penalties and stricter monitoring, drunk driving in Texas is still extremely prevalent. If you or your family have been injured by a car accident or any incident involving a drunk driver, then we strongly urge you to […]