Balancing a healthy relationship with your former spouse after divorce and ensuring the welfare of your children through proper child custody and child support is not an easy feat. Despite settling an agreement with attorneys or winning a legal battle in court, there are times when one of the partners is falling short on their responsibility or going beyond the court order. If such time comes, we at The Warner Law Firm strongly advise you as the parent to analyse the situation properly and ready your legal representation before making an informed decision.

Always Clarify the Visitation Order.

Whether you are the sole managing conservator or both parents have joint custody of the child, it is important to be detailed in the time, place, frequency, and stipulations on the child custody order. We have encountered cases that have visitation orders that have general or vague details and only say that the details will be discussed or be based on agreement of the parties. This can leave potential loopholes or questions in the future. If you want to be able to easily enforce visitation rights and obligations, these details need to be clarified.

Determine the Need for a Law Enforcer.

The police can immediately execute a court order that not only specifies visitation rights, but also demands a certain type of conduct with the child and co-parent. Law enforcement agencies can even arrest and seize properties if needed. However, if there is no Motion to Enforce from the court, a police officer might not be willing to get involved. Most times the police will respond right away if there is immediate danger present or perceived.

Document Visitations and Prepare Evidence if Necessary.

Take photos, refrain from deleting past conversations, ask for witness testimonies, and gather other documents proving that the other party is guilty of not complying to the court order. If you need to enforce your rights through a Motion to Enforce, you will need to show a pattern of denial by the co-parent.

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