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Paternity is the area of family law that deals with identifying the biological father of a child. You can trust Mike Warner to handle this with utmost sensitivity as any uncertainty or misunderstanding can lead to a number of personal and legal issues.

Establishing paternity comes with a lot of legal weight. Determined biological fathers may find themselves with a number of obligations i.e. child support. Children may also benefit from things like workers’ compensation benefits or social security in the event of their father’s death.

The Warner Law Firm is equipped to handle cases related to paternity, including but not limited to establishing proof/evidence, disputes, and altering paternal rights.

Mike Warner is prepared to assist clients in Amarillo Texas or the Panhandle in working through the various family law problems relating to paternity. Whether you’re a probable father looking to secure your parental rights, or a mother who wants her child to have the full financial support, the Warner Law Firm is ready to serve.


Establishing fatherhood in Texas is not as straightforward as identifying the child’s biological mother. Below are the four main types of fatherhood recognized by the state.

Biological Father – When the man is related to his child by blood. He still needs to establish paternity in order to retain rights on child custody.

Presumed Father – When the husband has been married to the mother within the 300 days before delivery and is with the child for at least two years after birth.

Alleged Father – When someone alleges paternity, the case can go to court in order to test the claim and establish his rights & responsibilities to the child.

Legal Father – When the father has either volunteered or the court has deemed that he has undisputed legal paternity.

Paternity Representation from The Warner Law Firm

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