Thousands of kids undergo the stress of divorce of their parents each year. It’s expected that their initial reaction would be of shock, anger, frustration, or worry.

We at the Warner Law Firm tell our clients in the Amarillo, TX areaa that kids can come out of this family crisis with the help of proper and open communication. Here are simple yet effective tips for helping them deal with divorce.

Talk It Out

At this point, all kinds of thoughts may run into your kids’ minds. Make sure to tell them that the divorce isn’t about them or because of them. Clarify that they are not the ones who caused the divorce, nor could they have prevented it from happening. Help them understand your side in the matter as well.

Encourage Your Kids to Express Their Feelings 

Your kids’ behavior can give you clues about their feelings. Use these clues as your guide. As the parent you know your kids more than anyone else. Check for inconsistencies, change of behavior, social interactions, and more. From there you can find out how your child is coping through the process and how you can encourage him/her to speak out.

Don’t forget to be a good listener as well. Hear what they have to say, even if it may hurt.

Offer Support

You can ask them what the things you can do to make things better. Suggest ideas and come up with fun activities. Find new ways on how you can spend time together. Establishing and discovering fun and new interests, hobbies, or traditions can help compensate for the feeling of loss. During this tough time it is important to make sure your children still feel loved and valued.

Keep Yourself Healthy

Make sure to keep yourself healthy. Establish a new exercise routine. Choose to have a healthy diet that can fuel your day. You can’t offer the love and support if you fail to take care of yourself first.

Going through a divorce is tough. Yet, there’s nothing tougher than seeing your kids suffer from the consequences of it. It is important to seek out the help of a lawyer who has experience in family law. Mike Warner of the Warner Law Firm understands every parent’s struggle and is here to offer help the best way he can. Call us today for a free consultation if you’re facing a divorce or dissolution of marriage in the  Amarillo, TX area.