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Divorce Mediation in Texas – Everything that You Need to Know About it

Divorce mediation in Amarillo Texas and elsewhere involves a third person with a neutral perspective who is brought in to resolve issues between the divorcing pair. This person is known as the ‘mediator’ and helps couples achieve a settlement that’s […]

Why Do You Need an Attorney in 18-Wheeler Accidents?

18 wheeler accidents have become extremely frequent, as we get news pertaining to them every once a week or so. Having suffered from an 18 wheeler accident, all concerned parties try to get what is in their best interest by […]

Hiring an Attorney for Car Accidents that involves DWI, DUI of Marijuana

DWI (driving while intoxicated) or DUI (driving under the influence) accidents are commonly associated with alcohol. However, you can be also charged for driving under the influence of substances such as marijuana. In fact, it is not only DWI by […]

Reasons Why You Need a Divorce Lawyer

Going through a divorce process can often be overwhelming for both the parties involved. Knowing that a lot is happening very quickly in front of your eyes, most people often lose track of information and end up with a really […]

18 Wheeler Accidents – How to Handle after the Collision

An 18 wheeler accident can conjure up nightmares for almost every driver involved. While every accident can have its repercussions in the long run, drivers tend to drive with great caution around 18 wheeler rigs to avoid any potential damage. […]

Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer for Your Child Custody Case

Going through a child custody case can be stressful for both of the parents involved. It can be hard especially if there is animosity between them. We at the Warner Law Firm always tell our clients in the Amarillo, TX […]

Tips on Helping Your Kids Deal with Divorce

Thousands of kids undergo the stress of divorce of their parents each year. It’s expected that their initial reaction would be of shock, anger, frustration, or worry. We at the Warner Law Firm tell our clients in the Amarillo, TX […]

Divorce vs Annulment in Texas: Know the Difference

Both divorce and annulment have the same effect, and that is to dissolve a marriage. Yet, we at the Warner Law Firm always tell our clients in the Amarillo, TX area that there are still distinct differences that need to […]

Sexual Harassment vs Sexual Assault: Know the Difference of the Two Sex Crimes

Sex crimes are prevalent now as they were before. Most cases related to sexual abuse, harassment, and assault continue to be swept under the rug not only because of intimidation or use of force or power. Sex crimes are incredibly […]

Does Misdemeanor Permanently Appear on Your Permanent Record?

We at The Warner Law Firm regularly face criminal charges whether for the prosecution or defense, regardless of the variety. Although a misdemeanor, especially a Class C, might seem like a slap on the wrist compared to a high profile […]