Amarillo Criminal Appeal Attorney

The founders of our great nation designed the criminal justice system to protect people who are innocent, protect citizen’s constitutional rights, and prosecute the guilty. There are strict rules that govern the types of evidence that can be entered into a trial, as well as the statements that can be made. When a judge’s decision violates these rules, and that decision ends with an unfair or unjust conviction, you may be have grounds to file to an appeal.

Appeals are not appropriate for every case. They can take a significant amount of time, and even successful, the case may not be dismissed. Appeals are designed for people who’ve been convicted on serious charges and have a legitimate chance of reversing or changing the outcome for the positive.

If you or a family member has been convicted of a crime, the experienced attorney at The Warner Law Firm can provide a free consultation to determine the appropriateness of beginning the appeals process. Judges can make mistakes and include improper statements or evidence, which do not comply with the rules of law. Lawyers can make negligent errors, which can lead to a conviction. The Amarillo Attorney at The Warner Law Firm have extensive experience handling appeals in both the Texas Appellate Courts and the Texas Supreme Court. We have a long track record of having unjust convictions overturned.

It’s important to remember that the appeal process is not an opportunity to introduce new evidence to a case, or a re-trial. An appeal is a legal process, which takes place almost entirely in writing. Both the municipality or state and the defendant file briefings to the court which address possible procedural mistakes that happened in the proceedings. An appellate court will resolve these mistakes.

It’s important to know that the criminal appeal process can take several months or longer. The courts have a lengthy backlog of appeal cases to review, and each case is considered individually. A judge will review and research the arguments in the appeal.

Criminal Appeal Representation from The Warner Law Firm

If you or a loved one has been convicted of a crime, you may have options available to you to prove your innocence, and to correct errors made in the initial trial. Contact the expert Amarillo criminal appeal attorney at The Warner Law Firm to discuss your possible appeal today. We will review your case and determine if an appeal is appropriate for your case.


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