Amarillo Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic and family violence charges are amongst the most emotional, stressful, and complicated types of criminal offenses. If you have a strained or potentially explosive relationship with a spouse, partner, or other family members, an altercation could lead to significant legal troubles:

  • You may face time behind bars.
  • Depending on circumstances, misdemeanor offenses could be elevated to felonies.
  • A restraining order could make it difficult to see uninvolved loved ones, including children.
  • You could face significant fines, fees, and court costs.
  • Your custody and visitation rights could be changed or completely revoked.
  • You may find that you’ll have a difficult time in obtaining housing.
  • Finding employment could become extremely difficult with a domestic violence charge.
  • Persons convicted of domestic violence-related crimes relinquish their Second Amendment rights to own a firearm under the Domestic Violence Gun Offender Ban.

Usually in domestic violence cases, there are two extremely different sides to a story of an altercation, the incidents that may have caused the altercation, and possibly one or more arrests. If you have been arrested and charged with a domestic violence or family violence-associated offense, it is extremely important that you partner with Amarillo’s expert domestic and family violence attorney – The Warner Law Firm.

If you’ve been involved in a domestic altercation that has lead to an arrest and charge of assault, you may face conviction – even if your spouse, partner, or family member who initially filed the charges against you changes his or her mind. Many prosecuting attorney, either for political or personal reasons will pursue charges against you regardless of how the alleged victim may feel. In many cases, this is based upon the belief that a victim may be bullied, or otherwise pressured into dropping charges against a family member.

Despite the well-meaning nature of this policy, it could place you in a very unfortunate situation in the event that an altercation resulted in a revenge or anger-fueled decision to call the police. Without an experienced domestic and family violence attorney, these situations can unravel extremely quickly.

Domestic Violence Representation from The Warner Law Firm

The Warner Law Firm has been defending clients against family & domestic violence charges successfully for many years. Our exhaustive legal knowledge and dedication to protecting your rights make us a perfect partner when you’ve been accused of a domestic violence-related crime.   Contact the Amarillo family violence attorney at The Warner Law Firm today for a free consultation.


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