Amarillo Drug Crimes 

Have you or a loved one been arrested or charged with a drug-related offense?  While certain drug laws seem to be changing all over the country these days, many state and federal investigators, prosecutors, and other legal entities treat drug offenses with the utmost of severity.

When you’re facing a drug charge i.e. Alcohol, Ayahuasca, Club Drugs, Cocaine, GHB, Hallucinogens, Heroin, Inhalants, K2/Spice “Synthetic Marijuana”, Marijuana, MDMA (Ecstacy/Molly), Methamphetamine, Prescription Drugs, Cold Medicines, Salvia, Sedatives, Steroids (Anabolic), Speed, and Stimulants to name a few, you should immediately contact the Amarillo drug crime attorney at The Warner Law Firm.  We have a significant and successful track record of defending drug-related offenses, including:

  • Drug arrests and crimes.
  • Procuring legal drugs for illegal uses.
  • Drug possession.
  • Intent to deliver and sell.
  • Prescription drug offenses.
  • Manufacturing and cultivation of drugs.

Drug cases are extremely complicated and penalties if convicted can be severe.  The Amarillo criminal defense attorney at The Warner Law Firm are passionate about providing the best levels of legal representation, so that the best possible outcome can be reached.   Failure to team with a qualified and experienced criminal defense attorney could result in a wide variety of consequences including:

  • Suspension of your driving privileges.
  • Fines and court fees.
  • Loss of your job, and difficulty possibly finding future employment.
  • Loss  or adverse modification of custody rights.
  • Mandatory minimum sentences for what seem like minor drug crimes, such as possession.

There are many factors that you must consider when being accused of a drug crime.  You need to know your rights, and it’s important to wait until you have proper legal representation before talking to the police, any insurance companies, or anyone else who may be used against your defense.  It is also important to make mental note of any possibly illegal stops, warrantless searches of your home or vehicle, or failure of the police to notify you of your rights.

It is extremely critical to discuss your case with an attorney before talking to anyone else.  The experienced Amarillo criminal defense attorney at The Warner Law Firm are passionate about protecting your rights, and have years of experience in defending drug-related crimes.  Contact our offices today for a no-obligation consultation.


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