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When an individual is charged with the possession of cocaine, a highly qualified and experienced lawyer is required to be your advocate for freedom. Not everyone understands the laws or has the needed experience to handle any case. Mike Warner however has the skills, the education and background to guarantee you the best possible outcome for cocaine charges in the state of Texas.

You or someone you love is facing very serious charges and needs to have someone who will work tirelessly on your part to ensure a quality outcome in court. Cocaine related charges in the state of Texas are no laughing matter.

Texas is known for being one of the toughest states in the country when it comes to serving harsh penalties for drug related charges. When drugs that are considered high risk and addictive like cocaine (considered to be a very serious drug in Texas) are involved in the case, the chances of a harsh penalty are greater.

Regardless of your admittance to the drug charges, it’s important you have a representative from The Warner Law Firm. Having a high quality attorney on your side could be the difference between success and your chances at freedom.

Cocaine Possession in the State of Texas

Cocaine is considered to be one of the most dangerous controlled substances under Texas state law. The reason is the high chance for abuse and addiction to the drug. It’s because of these two factors that penalties related to the drugs are so high.

Under Texas Law the penalty for cocaine possession charges faced depend entirely upon the amount of cocaine the defendant was arrested with and how many past convictions are present.

The following are possible outcomes

  • Less 1 gram is a State Felony, $10,000 fine and up to 2 years in prison
  • 1 – 3.99 grams is a 3rd degree felony resulting in a fine up to $10,000 and 2-10 years in prison
  • 4-199 grams is a 2nd degree felony, a fine of $10,000 and from 2-20 years in prison
  • 200-399 grams is considered a 1st degree felony with a fine of $100,000 dollars and from 10-99 years in prison

As you can see, the state of Texas has extreme possibilities for intense convictions and punishments. The sentence given is dependent on several factors like: criminal history, the prosecuting judge, case details and the defendant’s willingness to seek help.

Cocaine Possession and Drug Charges in Texas

Drug courts in the state of Texas were created to give offenders another option for handling their cocaine charges. Although they aren’t available in every jurisdiction, they are growing in commonality. Mike Warner can help you determine your best options facing your current charges.

If you’re able to participate in a drug court, you’re options will involve regulated probationary type conditions. Drug classes and other treatment will be required and you will have to check in with the prosecuting judge on a consistent basis.

While drug courts are difficult, they can help a defendant avoid lengthy stents in prison.

If you’ve been charged with cocaine possession in the state of Texas and are in need of a lawyer, let Mike Warner handle your case to ensure the best possible outcome.

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