I-40 Panhandle Drug Trafficking Attorney

In the Texas Panhandle there is stretch of highway that is considered one of the most drug trafficked highways in the country. Interstate – 40, which runs directly through the panhandle is home to several towns, many of which are havens for drug manufacturers, the selling and distribution of narcotics and controlled substances.

Amarillo is the only major city of any considerable size to be located in the Texas Panhandle on I-40. Amarillo sits in Carson County and to give scope as to the amount of drugs that goes through the county, there were more than $45,000,000 in drugs seized in 2011.

How Does This Affect You?

If you’ve found this site and are reading this than the chances are that someone you love has been convicted for drug charges related to I-40. If that’s the case, then Mike Warner is the attorney you’ve been looking for. Mike has the experience needed to help you get the best outcome for your case or the case of your loved one.

Below are a list of cities that are intersected by I-40 and are considered to be the most common places arrests occur for drug related charges in the respected areas.

Cities Bypassed by I 40 in the Texas Panhandle Drug Area

Amarillo | Glenrio | Adrian | Vega | Conway | Groom | Jericho | Alanreed | Mclean | Shamrock | Pampa

If you’re located in one of the above areas and are facing drug related charges, Mike Warner can help build a case to ensure a fair trial and the best results for you and your situation. Below is a list of the possible charges that you or your loved one may be facing for drug charges on Interstate-40.

  • Possession – The possession of any controlled substance or narcotic in the state of Texas is a very serious crime with severe penalties.
  • Sales and Distribution – Distribution of any drug in the state of Texas is looked at with the worst eyes by the court, individuals facing these charges may possibly face years of time in jail or prison.
  • Manufacturing – Charges of this nature are looked at as the worst and penalties commonly costs the defendant tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and years or decades in prison.

Drug Trafficking on Interstate 40

By far the most common of all charges related to drugs is trafficking related charges. People will oftentimes run drugs from Mexico, California and other states across the state and ultimately the country. Drug trafficking charges in the Texas Panhandle on I-40 commonly involve drug amounts in the excess of 300-500 thousand dollars’ worth of drugs. When an individual is arrested with drug amounts of this size, they can expect the harshest penalties in the state and expect to face years or more in prison.

Below are a list of common drugs transported in Texas on I-40

  • Methamphetamine TraffickingAKA Meth, crystal, ice, speed and glass, this is one of the most commonly found drugs in the state. Individuals in these cases types are considered dangers to society and are served the strictest penalties.
  • Marijuana TraffickingCommonly run from California and Mexico, drug trafficking busts involving Weed (Pot, Grass, Ganja) commonly involve hundreds of pound of the drug and result in massive prison sentences.
  • Cocaine TraffickingOften run from Colombia or Mexico and possibly Florida, Cocaine is a highly addictive drug that is used in the manufacturing of cocaine. It’s a schedule one drug and defendants with coke related charges are served maximum penalties.
  • Heroin TraffickingAKA Black Tar, Mexican Brown and China White. Heroin is a highly addictive opiate and distributers and traffickers of the drug are viewed as menaces to society and removed from the streets with extreme prejudice.
  • Prescription Drug TraffickingOxy Contin, Vicodin, Adderral, Valium, Methadone, Xanax, Norco and list of other prescription drugs are common controlled substances routinely found during drug bust on I-40 in Texas.

Why Mike Warner?

Mike Warner understands the fear that comes with the possibility of prison time. Getting arrested with drugs in the state of Texas is no laughing matter and will always result in severe penalties. Defendants or family and friends of those detained for drug related charges on I-40 in the Texas Panhandle cannot waist anytime seeking legal assistance. Mike can give the needed advice and help to ensure the best possible outcome in a court of law.


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