Prescription Drug Trafficking on I-40

Going through the Texas frying pan deal with is the infamous Interstate 40, a stretch of highway that is known for extreme drug trafficking. Among the most usual drugs discovered on the I-40 are prescription drugs, large quantities of drugs like Xanax, Oxy Contin and Vicodin are consistently delivered illegally throughout the state of Texas on I-40.

The state of Texas does not take drug trafficking gently and also will certainly serve fast as well as intense charges to anyone involved in any type of events found delivering pharmaceuticals or prescription drugs of any type on I-40.

Mike Warner comprehends the extent of situations entailing I-40. If you or someone you love has actually lately been apprehended for prescription drug related charges on Interstate 40, it’s critical you call us instantly so we could start developing your case.

Individuals arrested on I-40 for prescription drugs can anticipate any sort of one or mix of the complying with charges being brought against them:

Possession Charges – Ownership for prescription drugs in the state of Texas is offered relying on the amount in possession as well what type of pill or drug it consisted of.

Online sales and Circulation – One of the most serious charges commonly arise from intent to offer or the direct selling and circulation of a measured compound in the state.

Conspiracy – All the above charges may be associated with conspiracy if the state believes or has evidence that an individual means and has plans to carry out any one of the previous actions.

Manufacturing – Although not common, pharmaceutical manufacturing from a chemist is another potential charge.

Specific Instances

To provide a much better understanding of particular instances in the state of Texas, the following case shows an instance of an arrest on I-40:

In Oldham County Texas, a DPS Highway Trooper was working along I-40, just 9 miles out of the town of Vega and arrested a Texas man in possession of scheduled prescription drugs that are a controlled substance.

The trooper performed a routine stop on a Chevy Impala due to a minor traffic violation. In the midst of the stop, the trooper asked for consent to search the man’s vehicle. He was granted access to search the vehicle and with the help of a K-9 Unit performed the search. The dog alerted the trooper to the possibility of a controlled substance. Upon further search, nearly 50 bottles of Codeine, almost 500 pills of Xanax, and over 200 tablets of Hydrocodone were found. The drugs were located within a suitcase that was found in the trunk of the vehicle.

The man was detained, Jagehauel Geillespie, 34, of Pearland Texas. He also had a passenger in the car and they were both arrested for the possession and trafficking of a controlled substance with intent to sell charges as well. The two were served years in prison and tens of thousands of dollars in fines. With adequate legal representation like Mike Warner, they may have received reduced fines and prison time. It’s imperative to your freedom that you take immediate action if you are facing criminal charges and contact Mike Warner immediately.

Possible Penalties for Prescription Drug Related Charges on Interstate 40 in Texas

Jail – Texas state legislation provides necessary prison sentences for prescription drug charges of a certain type and in specific instances.

Penalties – Nearly every situation will certainly lead to a financial penalty of some type.

Put a on hold Licenses – A driver’s certificate might be suspended in specific circumstances.

Drug Schools – Drug diversion or school could possibly be required relying on the outcome of the situation.

Rehab – Rather than jail or along with it, rehabilitation might be needed by the court.

How you can Obtain Legal Aid

If you or an individual you enjoy is currently encountering charges associated with prescription drugs on I-40, kindly contact us at Mike Warner Law Offices for recommendations and also possible representation. Time is truly important right here as well as the more time we are enabled to develop your instance and defense the far better possibility you or your liked one contends obtaining the most effective possible outcomes in a law court.

Giving us adequate time to build your instance could be the distinction between obtaining offered with extreme fines and a length prison sentence, or obtaining off with medication court, neighborhood solution and probation. Our first chat will likely be to ask a couple of inquiries as well as get a much better understanding of your case and after that a follow up with our guidance on how you can finest manage your situation.


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