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Your right as an employee is as important as having the right digits on your paycheck. Regulations in the workplace, especially those concerning the dynamics between employer and employee, must be observed to uphold the welfare and protect both parties.

Employment disputes between employers and employees arise every now and then; and if you happen to be involved in one, you need a reliable legal counsel to help you settle the dispute, fight for your right, and get you what you deserve.

Mike Warner is a dedicated lawyer who believes that every employee’s rights must be upheld and protected. His legal expertise can help guide and fight for people in employment-related disputes.

Types of Employment Cases

There are various laws regulating labor and employment. They can either be collective or individual. Collective labor laws address the legal concerns of workers’ unions, strikes, pickets, and the workplace environment. Individual labor laws address the rights of workers. A case can be filed against an employer if the terms of the contract of employment is breached.

The common types of employment cases include:

Work Discrimination – This is a case where an employee is treated unfairly because of sex, race, nationality, or disability among others. These factors must not be considered in hiring workers, wages, promotions, and termination.

Wrongful Discharge – Aside from discriminatory termination, a worker should not also be terminated without justifiable reasons. In most cases of wrongful termination, employees are dismissed indefinitely from work due to filing workers’ compensation claims or reporting employers for harassment or other issues in the workplace.

Violation on Wage and Overtime Pays – These cases arise due to the failure of the employer to provide standard financial compensation for work as established in the state labor law and the Federal Labor Standards Act. A legal action can be taken by an employee if he or she is not given the standard wage and overtime compensation for the work done.

Workers’ CompensationWorkers compensation refers to the financial and other forms of compensation an employee should receive when he or she is harmed while performing his or her job or while in the workplace. A worker must file for a workers’ compensation claim to be entitled to wage replacement and medical benefits, among others.

Taking Legal Action

If your right as an employee has been violated, the best thing to do is to consult with a good lawyer who can provide you with reliable legal counsel. If a lawsuit is in order, do not hesitate. Many people are hesitant of taking legal action because they want to avoid the emotional distress, expenses, and social consequences that come with filing a case.

Employment Case Representation 

With his experience and reliable legal skills, Mike Warner can help you fight for your right as an employee. He will give your case the attention it needs here in the Amarillo Texas area which includes which includes Pampa, Shamrock, Stratford, Hereford, Vega, Clarendon, Plainview, Childress, Channing, Dumas, Dalhart, Canadian, Perryton, Littlefield, Floydada, Muleshoe, Clovis, and Lubbock.. With Warner Law Firm, you get:

Personal Attention to Your Case – Mike Warner will work personally and closely with you to win your case. He believes that communication is a vital key to deliver excellent legal service to his clients.

Results-Oriented Professional Service – His broad experience in the legal field provided Mike Warner with the knowledge and ability to help individuals get the best possible results in every legal dispute.

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