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Family law matters are among the most sensitive, personal and complex legal issues. This is especially true in case of a divorce. The decisions made by couples upon divorce affect not only their personal well-being but also their families, especially their children. Post-divorce situations require support to lay out things for the betterment of each party and their children.

Other family and relationship matters also call for legal intervention for resolution. Often, family issues can arise during legal proceedings can be painful for the parties involved.

Mike Warner understands that family law matters need to be handled carefully because of the emotional complexities involved. With his skill and expertise, he can provide excellent legal guidance, we well as the strength and support you need to get through the matter.

Types of Family Law Matters

There are various issues and situations that are dealt with under Family Law. They can either be marriage related issues, domestic issues, and others. The Warner Law Firm can provide reliable counsel to any of the following:

Divorce and Separation – The end of marriages can be the beginning of big legal challenges. The breakdown of marriage comes with paper work and legal proceedings in which an excellent attorney’s help is very valuable and significant.

Child Custody and Visitation – After marriage dissolution, child custody is one of the first issues that are mostly raised by divorcing couples. It can be joint or sole custody depending upon the agreement of both parties or as ruled by the court. Child visitations may also be scheduled. Ruling in custody are based on various factors.

Child SupportSupporting a child is the responsibility of the parents. Whether you are unmarried or divorced and you are seeking support for your child. You need an attorney who will fight for you to give what is just and fair for your child.

Alimony or Spousal Maintenance In Texas, under some circumstances, a person may have a legal obligation to provide financial support to his or her spouse if they have been married 1o years or more.

AdoptionAdoption requires a lot of legal paperwork. Mike Warner can help you with legal matters so you can focus your time and attention to your new family.

Pre and Post Marital AgreementsThe contents of these contracts can vary widely including division of property, post-divorce spousal support, child custody and many others. A good lawyer can help you establish agreements that are right and just for you.

PaternityThe establishment of paternity is essential to get child support or securing time with your child.

Domestic ViolenceThis includes various forms of abuses done by a person to his or her spouse/partner. Domestic violence can be in the form of physical aggression, emotional/psychological abuse, sexual abuse, controlling behaviors, intimidation, neglect, or economic deprivation.

Juvenile Dependency and DelinquencyThese are crimes and behaviors carried out by an adolescent that causes harm, disruption or other negative effects. Matters such as these are very sensitive, so you need an attorney that you can really trust.

Family Law Representation from Warner Law Firm

Mike Warner of the Warner Law Firm believes that communication is the most important component in dealing with clients. His legal expertise in handling family law matters is something that you can rely on. If you choose Mike Warner to represent you in Family Law matters, you will be assured of:

Professional Legal Guidance – Mike Warner has years of experience in handling family law matters. With this, he can give you a substantive, valuable and trustworthy legal counsel and representation to help you win your case.

Attentive Client Service – He understands that family legal issues are very sensitive matters. That is why Warner Law Firm is dedicated to provide you the strength and support that you need, listen to your concerns, respond promptly, and keep you informed about the status of your case.

If you need legal assistance for any of the matters above, get the right attorney to do the job call Mike Warner.

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