Amarillo Adoption

The Warner Law Firm believes that every stable and responsible American family has the right to experience the joy that adoption can bring to their homes.

Most adult citizens are eligible to adopt in the State of Texas, but the process can be complicated without the help of a representative highly skilled in family law. The adoption process will include assessment of eligibility, submission of paperwork, filing a petition for adoption, securing the consent of the child’s biological parents (if needed), and appearance in an adoption court hearing.

Adoption agencies often provide lawyers to handle the technical side, but nothing beats having dedicated representation in your corner. Mike Warner is committed to bringing both justice and fulfillment to families through the law.

Types of Adoption in Amarillo Texas

Private Adoption – The most straightforward type wherein the biological parent’s and adoptive family both communicated and eventually agreed on the terms.

Child Protective Services Adoption – Often the case when the children involved have been through abuse or neglect or have been abandoned by their former guardians/parents.

International Adoption – When the child comes from a foreign country. Adoptive parents are urged to learn more about the country/place of origin’s background, history, and cultural practices to help the child adjust easier.

Stepparent Adoption – When the stepparent has decided to adopt the child of his/her spouse. The complexity of this type of adoption may vary depending on the potential conflicts and cooperation of the biological parent.

Older Child Adoption – When the child is 12 years old and above, he/she must give consent for the adoption to proceed unless the court decides to waive it.

Other Types of Adoption

Open Adoption – When the biological and adoptive parents regularly meet and coordinate with the guidance of the adoption agency or lawyers. This is also when the child can still correspond with the biological parents through the agreed conditions.

Closed Adoption – When the birth and adoptive parents do not meet or the identities remain anonymous.

Adoption Representation from The Warner Law Firm

Mike Warner of the Warner Law Firm is more than happy to assist residents from Amarillo and the wider Texas Panhandle in cases involving family law, including adoption. We are ready to ease you through the legal requirements and assist you in dealing with any complications that come up along the way.

We take the happiness and satisfaction of our clients very seriously. Call us or visit our office for a free consultation and learn more about how we can help you with your adoption needs.

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