Amarillo Alimony or Spousal Support

The end of a marriage should never leave a party in financial trouble. The law makes it clear that in the event of dissolution or divorce, both husband and wife should at least return to lifestyles that match how things were before the marriage had taken place. This is the principle behind temporary spousal support, or alimony.

The Warner Law Firm is a steadfast defender of family law. We believe in achieving the fairest and most equitable resolution in the event that a marriage fails. Our approach is professional and understanding through level-headed negotiation to reach positive outcome.


Our offices provide legal expertise on the various types of alimony that fall under Texas law:

Contractual Alimony – When the court recognizes that the other party is entitled to a form of maintenance which is limited to three years after divorce at the most. This usually involves an elderly spouse who lived most of his/her marriage at home. The income of the obligor is highly considered when deciding the cost of maintenance.

Rehabilitative Alimony – When the court deems that a spouse needs a certain amount of time and financial support to acquire education, certain skill sets, and employment post-divorce. The alimony is mainly dedicated for the spouse to become financially self-sufficient.

Permanent Alimony – When the marriage is permanently dissolved, the court can award a certain amount of alimony to a former spouse depending on his/her financial situation. The payment can be in given in lump sum, weekly, monthly, annually, or in trust.

Temporary Alimony – Provided during the entire divorce proceedings when one spouse is deemed in grave financial need.

Spousal Support Representation from The Warner Law Firm

Mike Warner of The Warner Law Firm in Amarillo Texas, has a record for compassion and professionalism. Divorces are a tricky thing. The right choice of legal representation can spell the difference between an inconvenience and a nightmare. He is here to be by your side if you feel that you have been wronged or there are still matters left to be settled.

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