Amarillo Child Custody & Visitation

Matters of child custody and visitation are exceptionally sensitive legal issues that take a large amount of empathy & professionalism. For this reason the Warner Law Firm is one of your best options in the Amarillo and Panhandle, Texas area for family law. We have many years of experience in dealing with the simple to the toughest sides of child custody. In addition to handing all aspects of child custody & visitation, we also handle filing for custody and visitation rights, disputes over major life decisions, violation of terms, contesting custody rights, and waiving parental responsibility.

Types of Child Custody 

The Warner Law Firm offers legal assistance in securing or negotiating visitation rights to make sure the children are safe & protected. Here are some examples of child custody.

Sole Custody – When one parent has full and exclusive legal and physical custody over a child.

Joint Legal Custody – When only one parent provides a child with a primary residence, but both parents exercise care and control over raising the child.

Joint Physical Custody – When both parents’ homes serve as residences for a child, and each parent is entitled to at least 35% of their child’s time.

Split Custody – When each parent retains legal and physical custody over a child, in cases when custody rights of more than one child are in question.

Temporary Custody – When a parent retains de facto custody over a child while awaiting a court hearing to determine permanent custody.

Types of Visitation

Supervised Visitation – When a parent is granted visitation rights on the condition that another responsible adult (such as a relative or social worker) be present.

Unsupervised Visitation – When a parent is granted visitation rights without the need for supervision; may include certain limitations

Virtual Visitation – When a parent exercises visitation rights using video-conferencing software; common when said parent lives overseas, or experiences similar limitations

Child Custody & Visitation Representation from The Warner Law Firm 

Mike Warner is here to help you negotiate with your partner to reach a solution that satisfies both of your needs and expectations. Without sacrificing the child or children in the process. The Warner Law Firm is determined to settle matters with the utmost civility, sensitivity, and discretion.

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