Amarillo Child Support

Family lawyer Mike Warner understands that financial uncertainty can be a massive burden to a post-divorce family. Especially to the children, for they are vulnerable to the harms that these complications can bring about. This is why the Warner Law Firm take on these types of family law cases. Handling child support is important along with every other aspect of the process i.e. filing and defending of child support, opposing false claims, modifying arrangements, contesting failure to pay child support, and terminating parental responsibility.

Common Types of Child Support Cases in Texas 

Both parents and children deserve to have their basic needs met, and this right should not be compromised after divorce. Rest assured that Mike Warner, a trusted child support lawyer in the Amarillo and Panhandle, Texas area. Will if at all possible find the quickest path to a fair resolution.

IV-D Child Support – When the custodial parent needs assistance from the OCSE to either locate the non-custodial parent, establish biological relation, or establish and ensure adherence to a child support order.

IV-A Child Support – When the custodial parent is already receiving government assistance to support their family, and the state, by default, refers their case to the OCSE

IV-E Child Support – When the child or children concerned are under the care of a relative or foster parent, and the state, by default, refers their case to the OCSE

Non IV-D Child Support – When matters of child support are settled privately by both parents (e.g. after a divorce); may revert to a IV-D case when the non-custodial parent fails to make a payment

The Warner Law Firm is built around the legal doctrine of the best interests of the child. This means that not only can we guarantee a sound argument for child custody. But that any judgment we pursue will be centered on what your children or child need to lead a happy and comfortable life.

Child Support Payment Options

We offer brand of service that gets you swift and impactful results, should any problems come up with regard to issues like the collection of child support payments.

Periodic Payments – When child support payments are made weekly or monthly; this is the most common method of payment in TX.

Annual Payments – When child support payments are made in fixed amounts, once a year.

Lump Sum Payments – When the full amount of a child support obligation is paid all at once.

Child Support Representation from Warner Law Firm

Mike Warner prioritizes the “family” in “family law,” making sure to treat all matters with the utmost professionalism and keep them in strict confidence. Peace of mind is important for all parties during and after stressful legal disputes. We believe that your family’s happiness shouldn’t have to suffer in its search for just outcomes.

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