Amarillo IV-D Child Support

The Lone Star State places great importance on properly sustaining the health, comfort, and happiness of children affected by divorce, abandonment, accident, domestic violence, crime, or any major incident that has altered their lives. The state’s level of commitment can be seen on how Amarillo Texas courts handle and enforce child support.

The same level of commitment and dedication in enforcing child support can be seen with The Warner Law Firm. We are currently extending a helping hand to custodial parents who are in need of legal assistance with their IV-D Child Support case.

What is IV-D Child Support?

In the simplest definition, Title IV-D Child Support refers to the federal law requiring states including Texas to establish and properly manage a child support program. Here, in partnership with the OCSE*, the custodial parent receives assistance in:

  • Locating the non-custodial, biological parent
  • Establishing paternity or biological relations
  • Working with the Texas Court to formulate child support orders
  • Enforcing child support
  • Adjusting child support obligations, if necessary

The goal is to ensure that the child receives his/her rightful financial support in order to meet his/her medical, educational, and basic needs. Once child support has been established, the government still follows up on the progress and consistency through regular tracking and reporting. On the other hand, if you are the custodial parent in need, hiring a skilled family law attorney to represent your interests will definitely speed up the Title IV-D case.


As a family man himself, Mike Warner understands the need to secure a steady source of support for your child. At the same time, he can also empathize with custodial parents who could use a helping hand in keeping their family’s finances afloat. This is why when Mike accepts a child support case, i.e. Title IV-D, in the Amarillo and Panhandle, Texas area, he always considers urgency, professionalism, and of course, discretion.

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*The Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) is an office of the United States government that enforces works hand in hand with states and local governments, including the State of Texas, to ensure proper child support is being given and received by parents despite living in different households.

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