Amarillo IV-E Child Support

Here at The Warner Law Firm, we uphold the belief that every child has the right to proper healthcare, quality education, and a happy childhood, despite the absence of their biological parents, household trauma, and other challenges impairing them to live out a normal life. The State of Texas — and the United States for that mattercarries the same belief, which is why its federal and local government are firm on imposing child support, including foster care.

What is Foster Care?

When both of the minor’s biological parents have been deemed unfit to properly care for them, the court and child protective services refer them to foster care. Abuse or domestic violence, juvenile crime, and negligence are the most common reasons why a child is pulled from his/her home and placed under the supervision of a foster home.

A foster home is seen only as a temporary means for the child, and later on the child will be placed under the care of an adult who has been proven qualified for the role. Depending on the situation, the foster parent will be placed in charge to make important decisions, provide a safe and adequate environment, and ensure that the child’s are be met. However, it is still the first objective of the court to find a way for the child to still be with his/her birth family if possible.

What is IV-E Child Support?

The first thing that needs to be clarified is that Title IV-E Child Support is created for the entitlement of the child, not the parents or the foster parents. This type of child support is immediately handled and enforced by the OCSE* and the court in order to recover cost from the non-custodial parents and secure financial support for the child.

The enforcement of IV-E Child Support includes finding and gathering information about the child’s birth parents, establishing support orders, and collecting child support payments. If you are the biological, non-custodial parent or the concerned foster parent, processing IV-E Child Support will undoubtedly be faster and smoother through the help of a capable family law attorney.


More than a lawyer, Mike Warner is an advocate of children’s welfare. You can depend on him to fight not only for the parent’s side, but more importantly for the child. Title IV-E Child Support is often complex and requires a more skilled lawyer, and you can count on The Warner Law Firm to deliver favorable results as well as always conduct practices with discretion and professionalism.

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*The Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) is an office of the United States government that enforces works hand in hand with states and local governments, including the State of Texas, to ensure

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