Amarillo Non IV-D Child Support

Divorce or legal separation in Texas is often handled with utmost speed and discretion, especially when mediated by highly capable family law attorneys like The Warner Law Firm. Once divorce papers have been filed, most of the time child support, child custody, and spousal maintenance are being discussed in the table first — And for a good reason.

The Lone Star State places great importance to the welfare of the child and ensuring that he/she can lead a happy and comfortable life despite the divorce. This can be clearly seen in how Texas courts and the federal government handle Non IV-D and IV-D Child Custody.

What is Non-IV Child Support?

Unlike Title IV-D, Non IV-D Child Support is done under a private setting as both biological parents are often represented by a legal representative. The process involves setting of the adequate amount of child support as well as enforcing the mode and frequency of payment. The goal of this type is to keep the arrangement as discreet and civil as possible.

If the Non-IV-D case requires assistance from the federal and local government, it can turn into a Title IV-D case which will then be forwarded to the OCSE*. The OCSE then begins to locate and coordinate with the birth parents and eventually collect the outstanding child support payments.


The Warner Law Firm, spearheaded by Mike Warner, is established based on the principles of keeping family’s welfare above all else. That being said, whenever Mike accepts a child support case, whether it is Non IV-D or IV-D, rest assured that he will fight tooth and nail to ensure that your child will lead a happy, healthy, and comfortable life.

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*The Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) is an office of the United States government that enforces works hand in hand with states and local governments, including the State of Texas, to ensure proper child support is being given and received by parents despite living in different households.

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