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Divorce needs to be handled as swiftly and sensitively as possible, but unfortunately, many cases related to the end of a marriage tend to become prolonged legal battles. Mike Warner of the Warner Law Firm is committed to helping his clients in the Amarillo and Panhandle, Texas area in family law matters. On providing quality legal assistance for the dissolution of marriages or other forms of separation that need the help of a lawyer.

Types of Divorce 

We understand that equality at the end of a marriage means giving each party what’s fair. The law believes in maintaining each party’s standard of living at the end of a divorce process. Mike Warner believes in the laws that govern Amarillo & the Texas Panhandle. Below are the types of divorce we can help you with.

Uncontested Divorce – When both spouses agree on the need for a divorce, as well as its terms.

Contested Divorce – When no consensus between spouses is met about the need for a divorce, or its terms.

No-Fault Divorce – When neither spouse is declared to be at fault for the breakdown of the marriage.

Fault Divorce – When a spouse is declared to be at fault for the breakdown of the marriage.

Mediated Divorce – When spouses agree to meet with a neutral lawyer while negotiating the terms of a divorce.

Collaborative Divorce – When spouses and their respective attorneys agree to meet for a negotiation about the terms of a divorce –an arrangement which cannot be used in court.

Litigation – When spouses fail to reach a consensus through either mediation or collaboration; this form of divorce involves hearings, presentation of evidence, and a trial.

Arbitration – When both spouses agree to contract the services of an arbitrator (a kind of private judge) to decide upon their case with more or less the same capacity as a public judge.

Default Divorce – When one spouse fails to respond to a court’s attempts to notify them that their partner has filed for divorce.

Summary Divorce – A simplified type of divorce involving significantly less paperwork and procedural steps; common among couples who have only been married for a very short period of time.

Divorce Representation From Warner Law Firm 

Mike Warner believes in finding the fairest resolutions in matters of divorce. You can trust that both sides of the case will be treated with professionalism and genuine courtesy. However, we will still fight tooth and nail against settlements that leave our clients with anything less than what they deserve. We’ll work with you to find the resolutions you deserve, and keep as much of your peace of mind intact as possible.

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