Amarillo Premarital and Post-Marital Agreements

We at the Warner Law Firm are strong advocates of building and maintaining a happy family. However, given that almost half of marriages end in divorce, it’s also practical to find quality legal advice on pre- and post-marital agreements. Having a well-composed prenuptial agreement can save you a lot of trouble and give you invaluable peace of mind.

Mike Warner is equipped to handle all manner of cases relating to family law, including pre- and post-marital agreements. These include the drafting of agreements, assessing and/or contesting contracts, divorce settlements, and alimony.


Our years of experience in handling family law cases in the Texas Panhandle area make us one of the best and most qualified options for helping you with problems on property and marriage. We are equipped to assist clients from all types of backgrounds, regardless of the situation.

Premarital Agreement – When the couple agree before the wedding on a contract that may contain their rights, obligations, and division of certain properties during marriage and in case of divorce. A prenup in Texas can contain almost anything as long as it does not result in any criminal case.

Post-marital Agreement – Has the same conditions as a prenup except this is done during the marriage. There are generally two types of this contract, i.e. Partition and Exchange Agreement and Conversion Agreement.

Cohabitation Agreement – When partners are not married but wish to set certain rights and obligations in the event that their long-term relationship ends. The agreement may include how the assets and properties will be divided as well as clarifying spousal support and life insurance policies.

Separation Agreement – When the couple are separated or living apart but not divorced, they can use this type of agreement to set each other’s rights and responsibilities.

Right-of-Survivorship Agreement – When some or all of the couple’s Texas community property is transferred to the surviving spouse on the death of the other.


Choosing Mike Warner means receiving expert advice and counsel as you navigate the legal processes associated with your marriage. Our approach is 100% professional and we guarantee a respectful and level-headed negotiation.

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