Amarillo Hail Damage Attorney

StatesMostHailEventsIf you have been a victim of big insurance companies stealing your premium dollars by either denying or delaying your claim for hail damage, call The Warner Law Firm Today.

When the weather says, “hail yes” and the insurance companies tell you “hail no,” we can help you get your money from these premium wrestlers.

Often times insurance companies will try to undercut the amount they owe to you, the policyholder, in nothing more than an effort to see if you will call them on the carpet for their conduct.

The Warner Law Firm will take on insurance companies to make sure that you get every dollar that you deserve and that these unscrupulous companies perform pursuant to the policy that YOU bought from them.

Insurance Companies Think LIKE THIS

If they steal $1,000,000 from YOU then you might get upset. However, if someone ONLY steal $1.00 from 1,000,000 people and only half (1/2) of them complain or call the insurance company on their conduct then the insurance company just made half a million dollars ($500,000) and unsuspecting policy holders don’t even know it.

Know Your Rights

In Texas, insurance companies are required to deal with their homeowners in good faith. That is, YOUR insurance company owes YOU the duty of good faith and fair dealing (they know what this term means, but you might not). Don’t let your homeowners insurance company beat you up and threaten to DROP your homeowners if you have a claim as a result of a hailstorm or other weather related events.

Amarillo, Texas had hail storms and tornados back in May of this 2013. These storms caused over $600,000,000 Dollars (that’s right, six hundred million dollars) in storm related damage. Insurance companies have been telling homeowners like YOU that they will not replace YOUR roof with a shake roof and that it MUST be replaced with a less expensive composite roof, which DEVALUES your home. THIS IS NOT LEGAL!

Hail Damage Representation

Call The Warner Law Firm Today and let us assist you with your homeowner’s claim. You may be entitled to actual damages, treble damages, attorney’s fees, and costs related to bringing YOUR suit.

Stand up for your family and YOUR home. DO NOT allow YOUR rights to be stomped on. “Hail yes” we can help you take care of your investment in YOUR home and personal belongings. Have a great day!

Defend your rights! 

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