One of the highlights of the year 2019 for the Lone Star State is the approval of House Bill 1925, also known as the legalization of hemp. This bill authorizes the production, inspection, and sale of hemp and its by-products i.e. CBD oil, tea, hemp flower, and more in Texas, provided that the hemp as well as the retailer and manufacturer meet the regulatory requirements.

What’s the Difference?

It is a common misconception that hemp and marijuana are the same, and therefore, both are illegal. We at The Warner Law Firm are strongly against the promulgation of false or misinformed notions — An we are here to tell you that it is true, both hemp and marijuana are both strains of cannabis, but only the legal hemp in Texas can have a concentration of 0.3% and below of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Anything above the required concentration is considered marijuana. Marijuana is still an illegal substance in this state, and only has rare medical exceptions.

As a resident of Texas who might be open to availing of hemp, the first thing you need to remember is that the two plants or strains have very different effects. Marijuana is a psychoactive cannaboid, which results in a state of “high” or altered mood. Hemp, on the other hand, has a wide variety of uses and does not pose the risk of getting high or intoxicated. Research has even proven that the use of hemp has medical and therapeutic benefits.

Can I Determine Which Cannaboid is Hemp?

As of now law enforcers are still having difficulty in distinguishing the two cannabis plants without the use of laboratory analysis since they look and smell very similar. Although it is near impossible to differentiate them at a glance, a responsible consumer can make sure that before purchasing any form of hemp, the retailer or manufacturer has been authorized and you have done ample research on the product.

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