Drug addiction is a problem faced by countries around the world, and it’s sad to say that the State of Texas is no exception. People who are hooked on illegal substances have their lives ground to a halt, unable to perform as regular members of society.

Whether you’re a parent or concerned citizen, it’s important to know what drugs pose a risk to your community, and the different names by which they go.

While we do not condone the use of any illegal substance or any criminal activity, however we at The Warner Law Firm also believe that everyone deserves fair treatment under the eyes of the law –which is why we specialize in drug defense given that prosecutors tend to be especially tough on drugs.

The following are the most commonly abused illegal substances in the state of Texas, ranked in descending order of number of times they were confiscated during arrests:

  • MarijuanaThis comes in the form of dried and cut leaves, and can induce feelings of euphoria, laughter, heightened sensory input, and paranoia.
  • CocaineCocaine often resembles a powdery, white substance and can induce wakefulness, alertness, and heightened physical and mental activity for up to 20 minutes at a time. As the drug leaves the system, however, these give way to withdrawal effects such as anxiety, paranoia, and dizziness.
  • HeroinOften in powder form, heroin is smoked, snorted, or injected to induce feelings of lethargy and extreme calm. It is the most prevalent drug in the United Kingdom, and withdrawal symptoms include a wide variety of unpleasant physical reactions.
  • Prescription Drugs – These are legal when obtained through a legitimate prescription, but illegal and often abused for its pain-killing and sedative properties.
  • Crystal MethamphetamineCrystal methamphetamine is a white, crystalline powder similar to cocaine but with longer-lasting effects. Its use is associated with weakening memory, psychotic behavior, and potential damage to the heart and brain.

The best rule of thumb for handling illegal drugs is this: don’t. For a happy life, keep your mind, body, and criminal record clean. Still, if a friend or loved one is currently facing drug charges in the Amarillo, Hwy I40, & Panhandle, TX area, call us now and schedule a free consultation with Mike Warner.