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An accident can happen anytime and its effects are never desirable. Injury caused even by a minor accident can hamper your day to day life. Moreover, you need to deal with medical bills, days off from work, and impediment of your other commitments.

If you suffered personal injury due to negligence or the wrongdoing of others, you are entitled to compensation. You must file a claim to compensate whatever loss or harm inflicted upon you due to the accident.

Mike Warner has vast experience in dealing with personal injury matters and has successfully represented many clients. He is a highly reliable attorney who has the necessary skills and expertise to provide substantial legal counsel.

Types of Personal Injuries

There are various incidents that cause personal injury wherein negligence or wrongdoing of an individual, group of individuals, establishment or entity has hurt a person either unintentionally or intentionally. The different types of incidents include:

Auto AccidentsThese are accidents involving vehicles like car accident, truck accident, 18 wheeler crash, car wreck or motorcycle accident, due to the negligent driving behaviors like disobeying traffic rules, using mobile phones while driving, driving when not in good physical condition, and driving while drunk or under the influence of illegal substances.

Animal and Dog BitesIf you or your family member has been attacked and bitten by your neighbor’s dog or animal, with the presence of negligence on their part, you are entitled for compensation. This is also the same for those who have been attacked by an animal under the care and supervision of an establishment or entity.

Defective Products Personal injury claim can also be filed against companies and businesses whose product have caused injury to a consumer due to poor design, manufacturing error or lack of safety directions or precautionary instructions upon distribution.

Slip and Fall Injury These are accidents that happened due to inadequately maintained properties causing a person to trip, slip or fall.

Medical Malpractice Medical negligence including medication mistakes, failure of providing the accurate medical attention, failure to diligently monitor a patient, or error in procedural treatments can lead to serious injuries or result to a wrongful death of a person.

Additional Personal Injury Cases we take are – 18 Wheeler Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Truck Accidents

Personal Injury Compensation

Compensatory damage is when the victim is provided with a sufficient amount as compensation basing on what the victim would be had the accident did not occur. Compensatory damage can be:

Special damages or monetary losses – These are measurable losses resulting from the accident. This includes medical bills, cost of property damage, and income loss.

General damages or non-monetary losses – These are less measurable costs including physical and emotional suffering, loss of consortium, emotional distress and others that non-monetary damages caused during and after the incident.

The amount of compensation awarded to the victim depends upon the severity of the injury and the extent of its effects.

Personal Injury Representation from Warner Law Firm

Mike Warner of the Warner Law Firm is dedicated to help you get the right compensation that you deserve. If you work with him, you will get:

Highly Reliable and Professional Legal Guidance – He has a long experience in handling various cases gaining him knowledge and expertise that can effectively help you with your case.

Personal Attention – Mike Warner understands that every case is unique. That is why he works personally and closely with his clients. He responds promptly to client’s concerns and keeps you informed of the status of the case.

If you or your loved one is injured due to the negligence of others, you need to claim what is rightfully yours.

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