Although accidents of this type are less common they still happen and when they do it is often times tragic. They can turn your entire life upside down and usually result in serious injury and totaled vehicles. Moreover once the initial accident is over you have to face medical obligations, missed work, and sometimes other challenges which may arise.

If you have suffered from an accident involving an 18 wheeler due to driver negligence or the fault of others, you deserve full compensation for your troubles. You will need adequate legal representation and someone who is skilled in dealing with accidents of this type.

Mike Warner is just that person; his years of experience have given him the expertise needed to take on cases of this type and severity. He is highly respected in the Amarillo Texas area and is ready to take on your case and get you the compensation you deserve.


Since these accidents happen fast and out of nowhere, there are several situations in which you may find yourself involved in an accident involving a semi-truck or 18 wheeler. The following are some different times you may face this type of accident:

  • Pile Ups – An accident of this type usually happens on freeways and highways. It can be devastating when it does happen. They result in numerous vehicles and injuries varying in every type and degree.
  • Rear Ends – Often times an 18 wheeler driver will fail to hit the brakes soon enough and careen into a stopped car. The results are catastrophic and can cause very serious injury like spinal and damage.
  • Head On Collision – This one of the worst case scenarios when involved in an accident, the car on the receiving end is rarely recognizable and the injuries sustained are often times the worst types, sometimes even resulting in paralysis and death.
  • T-Bone – This can also happen at an intersection when a massive semi runs a stop sign or red light. The results are similar to a head on collision in the degree of severity although there is often multiple vehicles and passengers effected by the accident.


Compensation in this type of accident is always at a maximum. Often times there are larger company’s involved or corporations and these case types require special attention. The following are the types of damage to be compensated for:

  • Special Damages – Any money lost as a result of the accident. This can include time missed from work, all medical bills, and any type of property damage sustained during the accident as well as special income losses.
  • General Damages – This refers to non-monetary losses. These losses are usually more difficult to measure and include any pain and suffering as well as debilitating or long lasting medical conditions resulting from the accident.

The compensation is always dependent upon the severity of the accident and injuries sustained.


Mike Warner of the Warner Law Firm dedicates his time to helping his clients receive the right treatment and get full compensation for their troubles. When working with Mike you can count on:

  • Professional and Reliable Legal Care – With his skill and expertise Mike is well adapted at handling cases like this. He will use his skills to effectively help you with every area of your case.
  • Special Attention – Mike will always work close and personally with you with prompt service. He will answer any questions which may arise and keep you up to date on all matters pertaining to the case.

If you or someone who you love has been injured in a 18 wheeler accident because of negligence, you deserve to get what is yours.

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