Auto accidents can happen at any time, any place, and often times happen out of nowhere at the worst times. The initial impact can cause minor to severe injury and the results of even the most minor fender bender can is undesirable in every sense of the word. Once the dust has settled from after the impact there is endless medical bills which require payments, says missed from work, and the several other issues which can affect all other areas of your life and previous commitments.

If you or someone you love has suffered personal injury as a result of driver negligence, bad road conditions, or any other type of wrong doing by others, you are due full compensation for your problems. In order to get the maximum amount you deserve for any injuries sustained and other financial losses you must take immediate action.

Mike Warner is exceptionally experienced in the handling of any cases related to auto accidents. He has represented numerous clients and helped them achieve success in their cases to gain the full amount they deserve. He is a very reputed lawyer in the Amarillo Texas area who has the skills needed to give you sufficient legal representation.


These accidents happen every day and in every degree of severity. They can happen at any moment, and without warning. Here is a list of common auto accidents types:

  • Fender Bender – These are minor accidents which usually occur within a parking lot or at a stop light or similar situation. They rarely result in any substantial damage to the vehicle but can cause serious whiplash. Even accidents of this type should be taken serious and have legal representation for the case.
  • Head on Collision – These are often times some of the most damaging accident types and result in heavy damage and severe injury. Anyone who has been involved in a head on collision is recommended to seek legal counsel immediately.
  • T-Bone – These come out of nowhere and usually happen as the result of a driver running a red light or stop sign so are considered to be extremely sensitive and will always require legal representation. The vehicles are usually demolished and the injuries can be the most sever types.
  • Rear End – This will happen at a stop sign or red light and is strictly considered driver negligence. If you have been rear ended you are not at fault, you are considered to be a victim and deserve full compensation. These accidents often cause whiplash which can take days, weeks, or even months to surface so always get medical attention and a legal team to help you get compensation.
  • Side Swipe – These can happen because of driver negligence resulting from not checking a blind spot or rearview mirror. The damage sustained to the vehicle is usually severe and injuries often occur. Side swipes also occur sometimes where a car is parked and pulls out early hitting a car driving by.


Compensation for auto damage and personal injury is always a must and the victim must be compensated for more than just the bills, damages, and injuries sustained. Compensation types are as follows:

  • Personal Injury – This includes all money related to medical bills, pain and suffering.
  • Work Lost – This includes time missed from work and any financial loss as a result of it.
  • Vehicular Damage – This includes any damage sustained to the vehicle that must be compensated for.

The compensation will always very case to case depending on the severity of injuries, damages sustained, and other factors which will be used to determine the amount.


All the staff at Mike Warner Law Firm is experienced at getting you the full compensation you deserve. Working with Mike will get you:

  • Professional and Legitimate Legal Representation – With the experience Mike has gained throughout the years and his knowledge in the area of handling auto accidents is priceless.
  • Quality Personal Attention – Mike knows that all cases are different and yours is unique as well. It’s because of this that he works so closely with each of his clients and is quick to respond and address and concerns which may arise. He will always keep you informed on the status of your case.

If you or someone you love has been injured in an auto-accident because of driver negligence, you deserve full compensation.

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