Defective Products Attorney

When injuries are the result of faulty products being built by manufacturers whom we are supposed to trust, the injuries are oftentimes very serious. We never know when these unreliable products will fail hurting us and the people we love.

When failure does occur it’s important that you have the appropriate legal representation. Having the right legal advice and team to support you during your trial will more often than not be the deciding factor as to whether you get the compensation you deserve.

Products Which Commonly Cause Injury

  • Automobile parts- Nothing is more serious than an automobile failure. Everything from gas lines to seat belts is known to fail and when these parts fail, the injuries sustained are often severe.
  • Tools – Unfortunately when tool defects appear it’s when they are in use. The resulting injuries are typically crippling and can have detrimental effects on the victim’s life.
  • Toys – When our children play with defective toys any number of injuries may be sustained. Unfortunately kids don’t always have the means to see these dangerous parts in their toys before it’s too late.
  • Other – Anything from faulty furniture to bicycles and any other house hold item has the potential to fail and cause injury.

The Benefits of Selecting Warner Law

The Warner Law Firm has been helping the victims of injury resulting from faulty products get their adequate and just compensation in the Amarillo Texas area for years. Some of the benefits you will receive are:

  • Years of experience in handling cases involving injury from defective products
  • Know how on handling companies and their legal procedures in these cases
  • Firsthand information pertaining to your case as it progresses
  • Honest opinions on when to settle and when to proceed with a trial

Why Choose Us?

At Warner Law our main goal is to give you the best representation you can against the manufacturers of defective items. We understand that oftentimes the responsible part may be a large corporation with powerful legal representation. Our confidence and knowledge in such cases will allow us to stand up to even the most well-known companies and get you the compensation you deserve.

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