When a dog or animal bite happens it is a terrifying experience. The resulting physical injury is oftentimes horrific and scaring. Sometimes the bite can take extensive plastic surgery to help a victim return their face to an acceptable appearance. In addition to suffering a physical injury the incident is very intense and can leave deep seated emotional scaring and trauma.

When an animal attack occurs it’s important that the responsible party is held accountable. The victim also deserves full compensation for pain and suffering and any needed medical treatment or counseling.

When Bites Usually Occur

Bites can happen in several situations, below are common occurrences:

  • An escaped animal improperly caged or restrained
  • Overly aggressive training and abuse to an animal resulting in a mean temperament
  • Inadequate supervision of the animal such as a dog being left alone with a child
  • Direct command from an owner for a dog to attack
  • Worker or friend being attacked by a resident dog
  • Stray animal bite on a person’s private property

Benefits of Choosing Warner Law Firm

The Warner Law Firm has been helping the victims of bites in the Amarillo Texas area for years in creating strong defenses against owners of aggressive animals. Below are lists of some benefits you’ll get when choosing us:

  • Experience from a team with countless cases built for animal attacks
  • Dedicated service to get you the medical and emotional care deserved after an animal attack
  • Constant involvement in your case and its current situation

Why The Warner Law Firm?

At Warner Law our main objective is to give you the best we representation possible in animal and dog bite cases. We know that emotional and physical pain and suffering that comes with a case of this type. Our previous experience in cases of this nature give us the confidence and knowledge needed to give you the best chance at a win.

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