Motorcycles are one of the most dangerous vehicles to be drive on the road. Injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents are incredibly horrific often times as there is little to no protection for the rider and the impact is usually incredibly hard for the rider. On top of this there will be several other aspects to deal with like medical and hospital bills, as well as financial loss from missing work.

If you or someone who you care about has been injured in a motorcycle accidents as a result of negligence of others you are do your just compensation. You will need to take immediate action to get the full compensation and help you win your case.

Mike Warner has years of valuable experience in dealing with motorcycle injury matters. Mike has successfully helped many clients in their cases to win victory in their case. He is the perfect lawyer with the needed skills and experience to give supreme legal representation.


There are several incidents in which motorcycles occur. Many times the rider is not at fault, here is a list of some types of accidents which may occur:

High Impact Collision – Because motorcycles are so dangerous and fast, collisions are usually very severe. They may result in sudden hits against structures or other vehicles and can cause very severe injuries. 

Side Swipe – Motorcycles are smaller vehicles so often time’s cars and other vehicles miss the rider and end up turning into their lane. This can result in several scenarios, usually in which the rider is injured and his bike is damaged.

Rear End – Since motorcycles are so susceptible to hits, even a minor rear end can cause serious damage to a bike and cause the rider to sustain back, neck, and spinal damage similar to whiplash.

Grounded Spill – When a rider is hit, or is attempting to avoid an accident they often wind up on the ground. The resulting spill can end up causing severe road rash, and even broken bones and other types of injuries.


Compensatory damage in motorcycle accidents are provided with a base compensation dependent on how the victim would have lived had they not been in the accident at all. These damages can be:

Special Damages – This includes any money lost. They are losses which can be measured by the effects of the accident. These measured losses include medical bills and property damage as well as income loss.

General Damage – Or non-money related losses. These are still measurable costs which can include physical and mental suffering as well as any emotional distress that is a result of the accident.


Mike Warner of the Warner Law Firm is completely dedicated to helping you achieve the maximum compensation that you deserve. Working with Mike will get you:

Professional and Reliable Guidance – He has long and established record in representing clients with these types of cases, so his knowledge and experience is priceless for his clients.

Personal Attention – Mike Warner knows that every case is a unique opportunity to help create a strong case and use his skills to help his clients. He works closely with all of his clients and will respond in very timely manner as well as keeping you updated with all of the matters related to the case.

If you or someone who you love has been involved in a motorcycle accident because of someone else’s negligence, it’s time you get your full compensation.

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