When a slip or fall happens it can be a very severe injury. Sometimes the issues that arise may not be immediate; they can lead to missed time from work and lost wages as well as the inability to engage in your favorite activities. When an accident happens it may be as a result of inadequate safety measures being taken at an establishment or home. When there is another party involved who is accountable it’s important that your medical treatment is covered and any necessary compensation is received.

Below Are Common Injuries From a Slip & Fall Accidents

  • Back – Even the most innocent of falls has the potential to cause severe damage to a victims back leaving them unable to work for weeks or months.
  • Neck and spine – The potential for a severe neck or spine injury is a scary one, injuries of this nature can leave a victim paralyzed for weeks, months, or life.
  • Broken bones – One of the most common injuries sustained in a slip and fall accident, breaks can occur to the hips, arms and commonly the ankle.
  • Head trauma – Falling and taking a hard hit to the head can have detrimental long term effects to the victim.

The Benefits of Selecting Warner Law

The Warner Law Firm has been helping the victims of slip and fall accidents in the Amarillo Texas area get adequate compensation for years. Below are some benefits for choosing us:

  • Adequate knowledge on how to approach the responsible party in a case of this type
  • When to make the move to get you an out of court settlement and when to take the case to trial
  • Honest opinions on when to fight a case, when to settle, and when to move on
  • Years of experience in helping everyday people win cases against larger entities

Why Warner Law Firm?

At The Warner Law Firm, our main objective is to help you win your case so you can get full compensation and return to a normal way of life. We know that these cases happen out of nowhere and are oftentimes difficult to deal with when going against a company or business. For this reason we offer a consultation to our clients to help determine the best course of action.

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