Truck accidents happen and can have detrimental to a victim’s life. They are always inconvenient at best and often times catastrophic. They can add serious delay to the progress of life, and leave the victim feeling lost and out of control. Besides this they will have medical bills, days missed from work, and can have detrimental effects to your normal commitments.

If you have suffered personal injury in a truck related accident because of the negligence of others, you deserve the full compensation. You must get the right lawyer to represent you in your battle to win your case.

Mike Warner has year of experience in taking on accidents of this nature and the knowledge in dealing with all truck accidents and has successfully helped many clients by providing substantial legal support.


There are several types of accidents where a truck may be involved. They happen all the time and can involve several parties. Below are some instances in which you may be involved in a truck accident:

  • Rear Ends – Just like cars, trucks are involved in simple and complex rear ends. This can be at an intersection, stop sign, or even on the freeway or highway. Trucks have most of their weight in the front so they deliver incredibly hard hits and the accidents result in moderate to severe injuries in most cases.
  • T Bones – Because of the nature of a truck, a vehicle on the receiving end of a truck hit are often demolished. T-Bones are one of the most serious of accidents and the driver of the car which is hit is usually at great danger and suffers from severe injury.
  • Pile Ups – On the freeway cars may end up in three, four, or even five car pile ups in which cars are smashed into each other hence the name pile up. There are several parties involved and varying degrees of injuries and damage sustained to the vehicles.
  • Collisions – Truck collisions are often the worse type as trucks are some of the largest vehicles on the road and are capable of delivering severely impactful hits. The vehicle which is hit by the truck may be considered totaled and the involved parties injured considerably.


Compensatory damage is when those who are negatively impacted in a truck accident are given the correct amount of compensation in regards to how their lives have been affected by the accident. These can include:

  • Special Damages – Monetary losses are measurable and compensated for dependent on how they accumulated because of the accident. Hospital bills and property damage are included in this.
  • General Damages – Or losses which are not related to money are not as easily measured. They include physical distress and injuries, as well as psychological stress, and other damages caused during the accident.

The amount of compensation is always dependent on the severity of the accident and the injuries sustained.


Mike Warner of the Warner Law Firm is dedicated to helping you get the full compensation you deserve for any injuries you have sustained. If you work with Mike you will get the following services:

Professional Knowledge and Guidance – With his expertise he is used to handling truck accidents of every kind and type. He will use this expertise to get you to guide you through the process of your case.

Personalized Attention – Mike Warner knows that every individual case is unique and requires special consideration to win. He will keep you involved throughout the entire case and answer and concerns you may have about your case.

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