Domestic violence is a serious case and should not be taken for granted. Whether it’s physical, psychological, or emotional abuse, we at The Warner Law Firm firmly believe that every family member has the right to defend themselves or pursue justice with the help of a more than competent legal representative. Domestic violence can also come in the form of harassment, stalking, sexual abuse, and hampering one’s financial situation. A skilled and experienced family law attorney should be able to help you get a better picture of your situation.

Protection Beyond Police Involvement

Calling 911 or your local law enforcement office is often the best immediate solution if there is domestic violence currently risking yours and your family’s safety. The police will arrest the accused abuser/attacker. On the other hand, what a lawyer can do for you is help make sure that you are safely distanced through a protective order or restraining order. This type of court order can be accomplished as soon as possible given ample compelling evidence and testimony.

Professional Support System

Many domestic violence victims we encounter have faced serious emotional and physical trauma. A true family law attorney often times extends his services beyond legal representation. If you are a victim, you can expect professional support and emotional reassurance that things will eventually be okay. This level of support can mean a lot to a victim especially in rebuilding confidence and propagating hope.

Legal Assistance on Other Potential Cases

Dealing with domestic violence does not end after the separation of spouses. Often times this can lead to another family law case such as child custody, divorce, alimony, child support, and more. Depending on the complexity of the situation, your case can become a criminal case. A lawyer should be able to better assess all the factors involved and advise you the best possible steps to take. A skilled lawyer will also help you see if your case can be resolved through mediation/negotiation or courtroom battle.

For a highly reputable name in legal guidance when it comes to domestic violence and other cases related to family law in the Amarillo and Panhandle, TX area, Mike Warner of The Warner Law Firm is here to help. Call us now and schedule a free consultation. Thank you.